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Functional Skills
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Functional English: the nuts and bolts

The introduction of Functional Skills into apprenticeship frameworks, their endorsement as a replacement for Skills for Life qualifications and the inclusion of Mathematics and English as the core of new Programmes of Study for full time 16-19 learners, means that more and more tutors need to understand how the Functional English qualifications can be delivered and are assessed. This course has been designed to equip new and aspiring practitioners with the ‘nuts and bolts’ they need to be more confident in delivering Functional English in classroom and workplace settings.

Who is the course for?

  • Apprenticeship and work-based learning providers moving from Key Skills to Functional Skills
  • Practitioners who are responsible for the delivery of Functional English
  • Vocational practitioners who wish to embed Functional English into their teaching
  • Managers who are responsible for the development of staff who will be delivering Functional English
  • What is the course aim?

    Participants will be more secure in their knowledge and understanding of Functional English qualifications and be more confident in delivering the subject.

    What are the course objectives?

  • To introduce a range of approaches for delivering Functional English in a classroom setting, the workplace and in the community
  • To ensure delegates understand the key aspects of Functional Skills assessment methodology
  • To give delegates more confidence in their own English skills
  • How will participants benefit?

  • Having access to the latest tools and strategies to improve and assist in the teaching of Functional English
  • Developing a network of like-minded teaching professionals
  • Leaving the workshop with a toolkit of techniques to deliver Functional English
  • What is the content of the course?

    Session 1 The current climate for Functional English Current practice – how delegates are supporting learners
    Use of initial/diagnostic assessment and other resources available for supporting English skills development
    Session 2 Standard, coverage and range for English reading
    Establish what to teach and how to teach
    Reading for understanding assessment requirements
    How to embed reading into other aspects of a learners programme
    Session 3 Standard, coverage and range for English writing
    Establish key issues with teaching English writing
    Input on writing skills
    Look at types and styles of writing
    Review exercises to improve writing skills
    Delegates produce a piece of free writing and review
    Session 4 Standard, coverage and range for English SLC Assessment: address manageability issues, naturally-occurring evidence, documentation
    Session 5 Summary of the day Action plan

    Course delivery

    The course will be delivered as a one day workshop.

    Entry requirements

    It is expected that applicants will have or be working towards a level two qualification in English.


    Delegates will receive a CPD certificate.


    The course is £175 - there is a discount for multiple bookings and for delegates who book for both the English and Mathematics ‘nuts and bolts’ courses.

    Location and start date

    Courses are available throughout the year, depending on demand. Current dates are:
    Location Course code Fee Date
    London EMRT0024 £175  
    London EMRT0025 £175  
    Birmingham EMRT0026 £175  
    Birmingham EMRT0027 £175  
    If you would like to discuss offering this course in house, do contact us.

    How to book

    To register your interest for the next course or to find out more please email or ring 01732 402 402

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